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B&H Benson & Hedges Silver Hand Rolling Tobacco 30g

QTY Price
Single 30g Pouch £13.15
3 x 30g Pouches (90g) £39.45
5 x 30g Pouches (150g) £65.75

  • 30g Sealed Pouch
  • Fine Cut Hand Rolling Tobacco
  • Virginia Tobacco
  • Mild Flavour

Why buy this tobacco??
Erm well if it came down to our personal morals we wouldn’t buy it and we had planned never to support the global tobacco giants that have done as much as possible to fill their pockets with little regard for the people that grow their crops, the independent retailer or their customers welfare.
Over the years they’ve bought cheap, increased retail prices and reduced the quality but that doesn’t mean it’s not the right tobacco for anyone. Thousands of smokers enjoy their products and with the supermarkets gradually withdrawing from the tobacco trade we don’t want to there to be an abundance of mourning smokers so we’ve decided to offer these products for mail order.

B&H Silver Hand Rolling Tobacco
The B&H Silver tobacco is a hand rolling tobacco blended from premium grades of Tobacco for a smooth tasting experience.

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