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**DISCONTINUED** Barneys Punchbowle Tinned Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin) **VERY LIMITED STOCKS**

Single Tin (50g) £13.50

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately Scandinavian Tobacco decided to delist the Punchbowle from the UK in late 2015 and we have exhausted all stocks. As normal we have left the description here for historical reference and interest.

  • 50g Vacuum Sealed Tin
  • Ready Rubbed
  • Pipe Tobacco

The Barneys Punchbowle produced to John Sinclairs original recipe by Orlik the largest pipe tobacco manufacturer in the world. The Punchbowle is a classic English Mixture, carefully blended with Virginia and a good presence of Latakia. It is a well balanced blend, which smokes cool and has enough body to keep the taste buds occupied without affecting your day to day activities. A great regular smoke.

Latakia blends are the marmite of tobacco world “Love it or hate it.” Pure it is mainly used as a blending tobacco due to the overpowering flavour it provides. The flavour has a very distinctive tarry odour accompanied by a characterful burnt ash taste, which is due to a long curing process over smokey fires. Most smokers buy small amounts and add a pinch to a bowl full to add depth and character to the smoke. The Latakia is an acquired taste and definitely wouldn’t be recommended for the novice smoker.

Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco:
The Punchbowle, Pipe Tobacco is a ready rubbed tobacco blend. Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment.

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