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K60 Angelo Extra Long 3 in 1 Pipe tool (Like the Duncan Pipe Tool)

  • Pipe Tamper
  • Pipe Scraper
  • Handy Spike
  • Length: 110mm
  • Width: 13mm (at base of Tamper)

This tool is a direct copy of the long gone Duncan pipe tool. We have been asked if we can get these tools countless times and until now we'd never actually held one. We can see why they are desirable as they are more comfortable to hold and have an air of quality about them compared to the other offerings on the market. There are a few notches and an extra tear dropped blade that ......... erm .......... well t be honest we can't work out what they are intended for but knowing Duncan of yester year there will have been a specific purpose or maybe we are just being dumb!

We welcome any pipe smokers out there to advise what they are for??

The knife: A finer edge for basic reaming on the move. The tip is rounded at the end to prevent damage on the base of the bowl. Please note this is not sharp like the Rodgers pipe knives so is not suitable for trimming up Twist or Plug Tobacco's.

Built in tamper: Saves that precious index finger

Handy Spike: For clearing those frustrating pipe blockages.

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