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**DISCONTINUED** Agio Filter Tipped Ceramic Jar (50 Cigars)

Ceramic Jar (50 Cigars) £26.95

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately the Agio filter are no longer available in the ceramic jar as this has been replaced by a new tin of 50 cigars, which will appear on the website shortly

* Flavour: Mild
* Cellophane Wrapped
* No Humidor Required

A hand painted ceramic jar containing 50 individually wrapped Dutch cigars!

The most popular filtered cigar in the world. The Agio filter is a small, light bodied, filter cigar that is characterised by its light-coloured wrapper. This light coloured wrapper comes from growing the wrapper leaves under cheesecloth to avoid the direct sunlight, which would otherwise bring out the sugars and darken the leaf.

All in all a great little day time indulgence, which gives a satisfying flavour without affecting the afternoons concentration.

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