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Abbeyhorn Handcrafted Ox Horn Soldiers Mead Cup Tankard With Wood Base

  • Height: 160mm - 180mm
  • Width: 120mm - 130mm
  • Volume: Holds approx 450ml - 600ml

Abbeyhorn Founded in 1749 in Worcestershire Abbeyhorn has been making horn products for almost 300 years. As well as producing a vast range of household items they also produced and supplied gun powder horns for use in the 18th century wars, including the American civil war. In 1854 Florence Nightingale took Abbeyhorn beakers with her to the Crimean war. Traditional methods and machinery are still used to cut, saw, mould and polish the horns into their unique products. They are the last remaining hornworks in Britain.

Soldiers Mead Cup Channel your inner Viking with these unique and beautiful medium sized tankards. Handcrafted in the UK by Abbeyhorn, the only traditional horn craft workshops left in the UK. These are the guys that make all of the horn products for the Game of Thrones TV series. An unusual but enjoyable way to enjoy your favourite pint.

PLEASE NOTE These tankards are made from an organic product so dimensions, colours and finishes may vary slightly. The Tankard you receive may vary from the photographs.

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