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9mm Reducing Adapter for 3mm Stingers (10)

  • Length: 24.9mm
  • Width: 8.7mm
  • Reduces Shank Bore from 9mm to 3mm
  • Extruding Length: 2mm

Condensing Filters: If we had a pound for every time we have been asked if we can get any spare metal filters we'd be ..... erm .... well a lot better off!

It's taken about 10 years but we've eventually found a supply of these little filters and no doubt will resurrect many pipe from the bottom of the "draw of stuff."

Compatibility: This plastic adaptor should fit the majority of pipes that were designed to take a 9mm Filter. This is a new size to the previous 9mm adaptor we had sourced and is smaller so is much more likely to fit any 9mm pipe as there is not much protruding length in the shank. We think it would be very hard to find a 9mm pipe that this filter would not fit in.

We cannot guarantee these filters will fit your pipe and it's impossible to measure them to the nearest 10th of a millimetre, which we'd need to do to recommend a good fit in your pipe but we can give you a vague idea and with a pair of pliers and some persuasion most can be manipulated to fit your pipe.

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