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90933000 Merkur Closed Comb Travel Safety Razor (933CL)

  • Razor Dimensions: 75mm x 42mm
  • Case: 60mm x 58mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Leather Travel Case

SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS AND A BETTER SHAVE! The larger global shaving companies have managed to single-handedly manipulate the shaving habits of us mere mortals as we regularly hand over substantial amounts of cash to the cashier on the high street for triple and quadruple blades they have convinced us we need to slot into their cheap plastic razors.

The reason we need them is due to the poor quality lather that their shaving gels and foam produce. A bad lather sticks the beard to the face and clogs the razor.

Merkur have ridden out the storm and are the market leaders in the traditional double edged safety razors as they make a comeback. The quality of their machined stainless steel Solingen steel is the way things should and always used to be made.

The Merkur 90933000 is a short handled, heavy gauge, double sided, travel razor. You've tried the rest now try the best! We haven't come across a better made travel razor. The handle of the razor unscrews in the centre then the smaller section fits inside the other to reduce bulk. The pouch easily accommodates the head and handle with a blade or two. When screwed together you would never know this was a travel razor due to the precision engineering that has made German products so desirable.

Can be used with any traditional blade such as the Merkur or Wilkinson Sword. Every Merkur Razor is supplied with one tissue packed blade ready for immediate use.

Blade replacement To replace the blade simply unscrew the handle from the head of the razor. The Razor head can then be split apart to reveal the blade.

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