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**SOLD OUT** 2013 Collectors Edition* Pair of Peterson Antique Sandblast Briar Pipes

** This product is not currently available. **

These collectors sets are no longer available and we have exhausted all stocks. We have left the description on our website for historical reference and interest.

Collectors Edition Classic Bent Billiard Length: 120mm Height: 65mm Bowl Height: 46mm Bowl Diameter: 37mm Bore: 19.5mm Weight: 46g

Classic Straight Billiard Length: 119mm Height: 46mm Bowl Diameter: 36mm Bore: 20.5mm Weight: 40g

Petersons Antique Collectors Edition Pipe Set. After the popularity of the 2012 Antique collection with avid Peterson collectors Peterson have released a new set for 2013. These classic stubby Billiards are reproductions of early Peterson shapes. They are slightly shorter and heftier than the modern Billiard and are comparable in size to the ever popular Outdoor range. Each pipe is silver mounted and comes fitted with the patented Peterson p.lip mouthpiece.

All though replicas of pipes that pre date the system these pipes do incorporate the reservoir trap that makes the system work and and the quality of the briar is impeccable. So for anyone that manages to stop staring at them for long enough to light one up will not be disappointed.

P.Lip mouthpiece: Unique mouthpiece designed to greatly enhance the smokers experience. The lip is shaped to fit the mouth more comfortably with the tongue pressed under the lip. The smoke exits above the lip, which significantly reduces tongue bite from even the most bitter smoking tobacco’s.

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