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The pensioners mixture!

What's in it? Well nobody knows and nobody can honestly tell us!
"Its obviously the sweepings up off the floor and all the stalk" I hear you cry! We can forgive you for jumping to that conclusion as we believed the same for many years.

You've just treated yourself to that new expensive pouch of Flake, plug or twist, you like to break the seal and be hit in the face by a wonderful aroma. Once you have acclimatised to the aroma and opened your eyes, you expect to be presented with a neatly trimmed, well presented piece of tobacco, and why the hell not, your paying enough for it.
During the manufacturing process of flakes and plugs the cake is squared off so that when prepared and packaged the result is a neat cross section of the caked leaves. The offcuts of excellent quality, blended tobacco, that if in the centre of the cake would provide endless enjoyment, relaxation and satisfaction for most pipe smokers are simply thrown away right? Wrong! They are broken up and chucked into the pensioners mixture as a gesture of good will to the older generation who have grafted over the years to build a better future for us. (The Government and layabouts of this generation have done a sterling job af wasting all this efforet and chucking it back in the last generations faces so we need to show them some appreciation.)